Wednesday, April 26, 2017

One of the most valuable services provided by AMFS is the availability of our in-house Medical Directors to analyze medical issues and recommend medical specialties to our attorney clients based on telephone presentations.

Simply contact our office prepared to provide a brief synopsis of the medical issues present in the case and one of our Medical Directors will assist you in clarifying the medical issues present in your case and recommend specific medical specialties to perform the in-depth expert analysis and testimony necessary for a successful outcome to your case. There is No Charge to you or your client for this service!

Benefits of an AMFS Free Medical Director Phone Consultation:
- Clearly identify the medical issues involved in your case
- Clearly identify all of the appropriate medical specialties to be retained
- Obtain the insights of medical-legal professionals into alternative theories
- Explore potential defenses, counterclaims and cross claims
- Ensure your expert will be knowledgeable about your issues

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