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AMFS, the nation’s leading medical expert witness network and medico-legal consultants has partnered with CVN, the industry leader in providing live and on-demand coverage of high-stakes courtroom litigation. Together, AMFS and CVN are producing exclusively curated video content featuring medical expert witnesses in action at trial. AMFS medical experts will add to the video by authoring written commentary on each expert’s testimony and how it played an important role at trial.

New videos from CVN and commentary from AMFS will appear on the AMFS and CVN websites each week.

Dr. Katharine Wenstrom Concludes a Mother's Post-Partum, Catastrophic Brain Damage Could Have Been Avoided in $46M Med Mal Case

The Trial: Trabue v. Atlanta Women’s Specialists, a medical malpractice trial over the catastrophic brain damage a woman suffered in a collapse days after she gave birth.

The Expert: Dr. Katharine Wenstrom, an obstetrician, testifies for the plaintiff and concludes that complications from unchecked preeclampsia and a pulmonary edema likely caused the new mother’s heart to stop.

The Verdict: $45.8 million.

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Dr. Harris Fisk on the Interplay Between a Truck Crash Victim’s TBI and PTSD in $53M Trial

The Trial: Lennig v. CRST, et al., a California damages-only trial over injuries two brothers suffered in a head-on collision with a semi-truck.

The Expert: Dr. Harris Fisk, a neurologist, testifying for the plaintiff on the traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other complications one of the brothers suffered as a result of the crash.

The Verdict: $52.89 million total.

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Dr. Susan Bukata Details an Emergency Amputation, En Route to a $35M Award in a Motorcycle Crash Case

The Trial: Ekbatani v. Caltrans, a personal injury trial over leg injuries a motorcycle rider suffered in a collision with a taxi van.

The Expert: Dr. Susan Bukata, an orthopedic surgeon, testifying for the plaintiff about the injuries he suffered and the need to amputate his leg.

The Verdict: $35 million.

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Dr. Sigurd Berven’s Testimony About the Off-Label Use of Spinal Implant Helps Clear Surgeon in 7-Figure Med Mal Case

The Trial: Christina Avalos v. Dr. William Dobkin, a medical malpractice trial over the off-label use of a spinal implant.

The Expert: Dr. Sigurd Berven, an orthopedic surgeon at University of California San Francisco Medical Center, testifies for the defense on the use of the spinal implant and the standard of care in such procedures.

The Verdict: For the defense.

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In $6M Wrongful Death Med Mal Trial, Dr. Hugo Cheng Outlines Bowel Obstruction Treatment Omissions

The Trial: Scoggins v. Smith, et al., a medical malpractice trial over the death of a 72-year-old hospital patient following a bowel obstruction. 

The Expert: Dr. Hugo Cheng, an internal medicine specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, testifies for the plaintiff on his belief that additional measures, such as a nasogastric tube CT scan and potential surgical consult, should have been implemented as part of the standard of care. 

The Verdict: $6 million.

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Dr. Peter Salomon Delves Into Colonoscopy Details to Clear Doctor at Trial Over Patient’s Colon Cancer

The Trial: Kazandjian v. Vastola, a Florida medical malpractice trial in which a physician is accused of rushing a colonoscopy and missing a patient’s colon cancer.

The Expert: Dr. Peter Salomon, a gastroenterologist, testifying for the defense on the standard of care and in colonoscopies and the likelihood that plaintiff had a visually detectable cancer at the time of the colonoscopy at issue.

The Verdict:  For the defense.

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Biomedical Engineer Reed Ayers Concludes Flaw Caused Hip Implant’s Failure, Before Jury Delivers $4.5M Verdict

The Trial: Warner v. Wright Medical Technology, Inc., a product liability case in which plaintiff claims laser etchings made on the Profemur R hip implant caused it to become brittle and fracture. 

The Expert: Reed Ayers, Ph.D, a biomechanical engineering expert, testifies about the effect of laser etchings on the implant and whether, in his view, a design or manufacturing defect existed.

The Verdict: $4.5 million.

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Dr. Peter Shields Dissects Research Tying PCBs to Lymphoma, Leading to Monsanto Trial Win

The Trial: Steele, et al v. Monsanto Co., et al., a toxic tort trial in which plaintiff claims two men developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma from Polychlorinated biphenyl (or PCB) used by agrochemical company Monsanto.

The Expert: Dr. Peter Shields, an oncologist at The Ohio State University, testified on behalf of the defense on research plaintiff offered in an attempt to link PCB exposure to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The Verdict: For the defense.

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Psychologist Ellen Stein Highlights Impact of Former Kaiser Worker’s Discharge, Leading to $492K Verdict

The Trial: Warner v. Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

The Trial: Gonzalez v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., an employment discrimination trial in which the plaintiff claims she was discharged because her employer did not wish to pay to treat her son’s kidney disorder.

The Expert: Ellen Stein, Ph.D., a San Diego-based forensic psychologist, testifying for the plaintiff and providing her opinion on plaintiff’s psychological issues and appropriate treatment.

The Verdict: $492,000.

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Dr. Jonathan Schleimer Questions TBI Diagnosis to Clear Concert Venue in Eight-Figure Trial

The Trial: Hickman v. Hard Rock Café, a premises liability case in which the plaintiff contends she suffered back and brain injuries during a concert.

The Expert: Dr. Jonathan Schleimer, a California-based neurologist testifying for the defense as to the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries.

The Verdict: For the defense.

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Dr. Annie Yessaian Details Studies Linking Talc With Ovarian Cancer, Leading to $417M Jury Verdict

The Trial: Echeverria v. Johnson & Johnson, a California state court trial in which plaintiff contends she developed ovarian cancer because of long-term use of Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based products.

The Expert: Dr. Annie Yessaian, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine.

The Verdict: $417 million.

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