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Radiology Expert Witness

When a radiology expert witness is key to building your case, AMFS is the only name you need to know. Fill out the form now to secure the high-quality medical expert witness your case deserves.

The Benefits of a Diagnostic or Interventional Radiology Expert Witness

Radiologists use medical imaging devices to diagnose and to treat disease. When your case requires medical analysis or testimony in this specialty, it’s vital to find a diagnostic or interventional radiologist expert witness who’s Board Certified and currently practicing.

Radiologists are medical doctors who earn board certification through the American Board of Radiology.

A diagnostic radiologist conducts tests such as a CT scan, X-ray, mammogram, ultrasound or MRI and interprets the results.

An interventional radiologist uses imaging to guide therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. Interventional radiology aims to use the least invasive techniques possible in treating patients. Interventional radiologists complete extensive training in the specialty after medical school.

While originally encompassed within radiology, radiation oncology is now a separate field.

A diagnostic or interventional radiologist expert witness can testify during trial or arbitration, and our respected experts are available pre-trial for case reviews and medical record reviews. Our physicians are respected as experts with published articles in medical and scientific journals, speaking engagements and teaching experience.

Qualities of an Effective Radiology Expert Witness

Multiple factors impact whether a radiologist will be a highly qualified radiology expert witness. At AMFS, we prescreen our experts by analyzing more than 20 data points. These data points span education, medical experience, medico-legal knowledge and communication skills.

  • Education: AMFS connects you with Board Certified medical expert witnesses who have earned degrees from top universities.
  • Experience: We will help you find a radiology expert witness who is actively practicing medicine and has experience with the conditions, treatments or procedures in your case.
  • Medico-legal knowledge: AMFS expert witnesses have experience in the medical-legal field, including care standards, causation, and written and oral testimony.
  • Communication skills: Medical expert witnesses are called upon to demystify complex procedures for jurors who aren’t familiar with medical jargon. Radiologists who communicate information in a clear, authoritative manner are generally the most effective medical expert witnesses.

How to Find a Diagnostic or Interventional Radiology Expert Witness

Finding an expert witness can be time-consuming while you’re busy building your case. Many of the most qualified radiologists are available only through expert witness services like AMFS. That’s why the nation’s top lawyers trust AMFS to find the best diagnostic or interventional radiology expert witness for their case.

Our process is designed to connect you with the expert witness who meets your case’s unique requirements.

Free Case Review
Discuss your case with an AMFS Physician Medical Director at no cost. During this free consultation, an AMFS Physician Medical Director will analyze your case’s medical issues and recommend the appropriate medical expert witness specialty based on your case’s unique needs. Our clients also use this opportunity to explore potential defenses, counterclaims and cross-claims alongside our Physician Medical Directors, who each boast decades of medical legal experience.

Robust Medical Expert Search
Review the medical expert witnesses we recommend for your case. Our medical research team will scour our extensive medical expert witness network for candidates who meet your unique case requirements. Review the CVs of recommended medical experts within 2-3 days of your request and consult our Physician Medical Directors with any questions. Expedited service is also available.

Medical Expert Engagement
Engage your medical expert witness as our case managers streamline billing and scheduling. Once you select your medical expert witness, our case managers are available to assist you, ensuring you maximize the value of your engagement. In addition to streamlining billing and scheduling, our skilled case managers help attorneys new to the medical expert witness process navigate the terrain. Throughout the life of your case, our Physician Medical Directors and case managers are just a call away, providing essential insights into both your case and your medical expert witness strategy.

Contact us now to request the high-quality diagnostic or interventional radiology expert witness your case deserves.


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