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What Is a Medical Expert Witness?

Medical expert witnesses are physicians, nurses, surgeons or other licensed practitioners whose skills and experience qualify them to testify on a particular medical area. In personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits, attorneys often utilize medical expert witnesses during both the discovery and trial stages.

Benefits of a medical expert witness

In personal injury and medical malpractice cases, medical experts typically are called upon to provide testimony on a range of issues directly related to their professional experience. These issues can include standards of care, the cause of injuries and long-term impacts of medical conditions.

Although medical expert witnesses are most closely associated with testimony from the stand, a high-quality expert provides value at every stage of litigation. The findings of a medical expert witness, for example, can aid attorneys in evaluating the merits of a case before proceeding to file a lawsuit. Expert analysis and testimony are also essential as your case progresses to discovery and, ultimately, trial.

Qualities of an effective medical expert witness

It’s crucial to choose a medical expert witness who is Board Certified and experienced in areas pertinent to your case. Equally important is choosing an expert who is actively practicing in the U.S.A. “professional expert” does not command the same level of authority as a physician who actively works in the field and consults on a part-time basis. Physicians focused on the practice of medicine join the AMFS network to participate in the medical-legal process without sacrificing their credibility and attention to their practice.

But beyond these basic criteria, a number of factors separate highly qualified medical experts from the pack. At AMFS, we prescreen our experts using more than 20 data points. We analyze our medical expert witnesses on qualifications including:

  • Education and training: Our medical expert witnesses have completed training at top universities and are Board Certified.
  • Experience: AMFS medical expert witnesses are actively practicing medicine in the U.S. We match you with experts who have demonstrated experience with the specific conditions, treatments or procedures pertinent to your case.
  • Familiarity with the medico-legal process: AMFS expert witnesses have experience in the medical-legal field, including standards of care and causation. They have a track record for high-quality written and oral testimony.
  • Demeanor and communication skills: Medical expert witnesses are often called upon to present and demystify complex procedures to jurors who likely don’t understand medical terminology. Physicians who can move beyond jargon and communicate in a clear, understandable fashion are typically the most effective medical expert witnesses.

How to find the right medical expert witness for your case

Finding a medical expert witness on your own can be time-consuming, especially when you’re busy building your case. In some cases a colleague can make a referral, but this becomes considerably more difficult when your case requires specialized medical expertise. These are just a few of the reasons why many attorneys partner with a medical expert witness service when they need to find and retain experts.

Because your expert witness can have a significant impact on your case outcome, it’s crucial to choose a partner with extensive medical-legal experience and a comprehensive network of Board Certified, actively practicing medical experts. AMFS has spent the last three decades cultivating the nation’s most comprehensive health care and medical expert witness network. Our clients expect more from their medical expert witnesses, and we rise to the challenge by delivering value beyond a referral alone. With more than 20,000 clients, 212+ medical specialties and Physician Medical Directors who each boast decades of experience, AMFS is the most trusted name in medical expert witnesses.

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