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What is a Medical Expert Witness?

When considering or pursuing personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits, legal practitioners often employ Medical Expert Witnesses both during the discovery and trial stages of a lawsuit. Simply put, a Medical Expert Witness is a physician, surgeon, nurse or similar licensed practitioner, qualified by reason of his or her skill, knowledge, education, experience, or training to testify on a particular medical area.  He or she is a person who has knowledge about the medical and health care profession, beyond that of an average person.

In order for a case to have merit, the plaintiff’s attorney must establish: Liability (sometimes referred to as a breach of the standard of care); Causation; and Damages.  Medical Expert Witnesses perform a vital role as their expert assessment is required in various aspects of personal injury and medical malpractice cases.  A variety of Specialties may be required to opine on different aspects of a case.

The findings of a Medical Expert Witness aid attorneys in evaluating the merits of a case before proceeding to file a lawsuit.  Their analysis and testimony is also essential as the case progresses to discovery and ultimately trial.

Medical Expert Witnesses are often called on to provide testimony regarding standards of care, as well as causation of injuries and long term consequences. Their testimony may be influential on determining the outcome of the case.

The Most Comprehensive Medical Expert Witness Network in the U.S.

Each state has its own definition and stipulates specific qualifications one must have in order to qualify as a medical expert witness in that jurisdiction.  At AMFS, we are able to target specific qualifications and experience in order to provide our clients access to the most appropriate medical expert witness for their specific case needs.  Whether your case requires a Cardiology expert who treats patients with Kawasaki disease, an Orthopedic Surgery expert who performs open reduction and internal fixation of supracondylar humeral fractures, or an OBGYN expert who can opine on use of the McRoberts’ maneuver in a shoulder dystocia case, our knowledgeable, medical expert witnesses, Medical Directors and staff can help.

AMFS Experts Practice Medicine

In order to build and maintain the expertise required to be an effective medical expert witness, physicians, surgeons and nurses must actively practice their trade by treating patients, performing surgery, etc. AMFS boasts the best qualified, well credentialed medical expert witnesses in the U.S. Physicians focused on the practice of medicine join the AMFS network to participate in the medical-legal process without sacrificing their credibility and attention to their practice. AMFS handles all front and back office activities on behalf of our network of medical experts allowing them to focus on the practice of medicine and the needs of our clients.

What Makes a strong Medical Expert Witness?

Over the years, AMFS has conducted surveys and collected feedback on medical expert witnesses engaged by our clients.  While every case is different, some common themes emerge as being the most important factors in selecting the right medical expert witness, including:

  • Education and Training – Clients tend to prefer medical expert witnesses who matriculate at top universities;
  • Experience – Medical expert witnesses in active clinical practice who are experienced with the specific conditions, treatments or procedures in question;
  • Familiarity with the Medico-Legal Process – Medical expert witnesses who have experience with standards of care, causation and who have (written and oral) testimony experience;
  • Demeanor and Communication Skills – Medical expert witnesses are often called upon to present and demystify complex medical procedures and treatment regimens to jurors who will not likely understand medical jargon. Physicians who can communicate this information in a clear and understandable fashion are typically the most effective medical expert witnesses.
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