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Independent Medical Exam (IME)

Let our physician-led team bring authority and objectivity to your case

When you’re in the midst of litigation, time is of the essence. AMFS’ independent medical exam service provides busy attorneys with an expert, impartial evaluation of an individual’s medical condition and effects of medical care.

Benefits of an Independent Medical Exam for Attorneys

With decades of experience supporting top law firms in their expert search, AMFS understands the urgency of litigation. An independent medical exam helps you prepare for your case by evaluating the extent of an injury or illness and its underlying causes from an objective perspective. An independent medical exam is key to constructing a winning case for matters involving workers’ compensation or personal injury.

During your independent medical exam, a Board Certified physician will:

  • Analyze medical records and prior diagnoses
  • Evaluate the causes and contributing factors to an injury or illness
  • Determine the severity of the individual’s injury or illness
  • Establish whether there is permanent disability or the individual can return to work
  • Articulate the results of medical care and whether the individual can benefit from further treatment

Led by Physicians, Designed for Attorneys

AMFS delivers an unparalleled combination of medical and legal expertise, cultivated over three decades in the field. With our team executing your IME, you can expect an exam led by physicians and a report tailored to attorneys’ needs. AMFS clients often leverage this service to maximize the value of their expert engagement in workers’ compensation, medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

  • Managed by physicians
  • Designed for attorneys


To get started with our independent medical exam service, simply fill out the form. Our team will respond to your inquiry without delay.