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Medical Case File Review

Obtain an objective evaluation of your case file

When you’re building a case, it’s vital to obtain an independent, objective evaluation of the causes and extent of an injury or illness. AMFS’ medical case file review is designed for attorneys seeking this expert evaluation without a medical examination.

Benefits of a Medical Case File Review for Attorneys

During AMFS’ medical case file review, a physician will review medical records and prior diagnoses in order to:

  • Determine the causes and contributing factors to an injury or illness
  • Evaluate the severity of the individual’s injury or illness
  • Establish whether there is permanent disability or the individual can return to work
  • Articulate the results of medical care and whether the individual can benefit from further treatment

AMFS delivers an unparalleled combination of medical and legal expertise. With our team executing your medical case file review, you will receive an objective evaluation from an experienced physician, delivered in a final review report tailored to your needs as an attorney. AMFS clients often leverage our medical case file review to maximize the value of their expert engagement in personal injury cases.

  • Managed by physicians
  • Designed for attorneys