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Initial Case Review

Trust our medical-legal experts to evaluate your case’s legal merits

If you’re undecided about pursuing a medical malpractice case, trust AMFS to deliver. Our initial case review service is designed to help you gauge the legal merits of your case for a low, fixed rate. During the medical malpractice case review, your medical records will be reviewed by a member of our Physician Advisory Panel, which is home to more than 50 Board Certified physicians representing all major medical specialties. These experts will provide an objective expert opinion on the merits of your case. No matter the conditions or treatments involved in your case, our Physician Advisory Panel will deliver a high-value review that answers your key questions—including whether to move forward with your case at all.

How to get started with your initial case review

Simply send us all relevant medical records along with a cover letter providing a case summary, pertinent background information and a list of specific questions for our Physician Advisory Panel to address. Within 10 business days, your reviewing physician will deliver a medical malpractice case review by phone outlining key conclusions on the merits of your case.

Please note: Do not mail original medical records or films to our office. They will not be returned. For your convenience, you can upload your medical records and other digital files here.