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Medical Expert Witness Investigative Tools

In cases involving expert witnesses, due diligence is critical. The ability to quickly and cost-effectively obtain information into an expert witness can give you a clear advantage when planning and executing your strategy. To help our clients build their winning case, AMFS provides the nation’s most comprehensive, cost-effective expert witness investigative tools.

Our investigative reports are compiled by a highly trained team of attorneys who specialize in expert witness research. Drawing from decades of medico-legal expertise, every major legal research database and our proprietary tools, AMFS delivers robust background reports packed with insights otherwise unavailable to attorneys.

Expert Witness Analysis

There’s a reason why lawyers, law librarians, paralegals, organizations and even expert witnesses themselves trust AMFS’ Expert Witness Analysis. This resource is the most comprehensive expert witness background report on the market today.

Your detailed AMFS Expert Witness Analysis will include all available information on an expert witness, including:

  • Testimonial and challenge history (Daubert/Frye)
  • Disciplinary history
  • Licensing and certifications, including verification
  • Educational background, including verification
  • Professional background
  • Associations and memberships
  • Personal information
  • Publications
  • Teaching and research
  • Patents, trademarks and copyrights (if relevant)
  • References in news, blogs, social networks and more

The AMFS Expert Witness Analysis also provides access to expert witness transcripts, briefs (including memoranda in support of or in opposition to motions to exclude testimony) and other relevant supporting documents as available. When you purchase the AMFS Expert Witness Analysis, you also receive our Expert Witness Exclusion Report.

Expert Witness Exclusion Report

The AMFS Expert Exclusion Report provides an in-depth analysis of an expert witness’ prior history of being challenged, excluded and/or critiqued as a result of qualifications or methodology. AMFS clients are leveraging this critical information to gain the upper hand in their litigation strategy.

If you’re interested in ordering only the Expert Witness Exclusion Report and not our full Expert Witness Analysis, please use the order form below.