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Frequently Asked Questions

American Medical Forensic Specialists’ clients expect more from their medical expert witnesses. We rise to that challenge with unparalleled expertise and unmatched support. Our team welcomes your questions, responding with the honesty and transparency you deserve.

Explore the frequently asked questions below. Then, contact us with your inquiries and expert witness requests.

What is a medical expert witness?


Medical experts are physicians, nurses, surgeons or other licensed practitioners whose skills and experience qualify them to testify on a particular medical area. These experts often provide testimony on standards of care, the cause of injuries and long-term impacts of medical conditions.

A medical expert witness can have a significant impact on your case outcome. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a medical expert witness who is Board Certified, actively practicing and experienced in areas pertinent to the issues involved with your legal matter. AMFS prescreens our experts by analyzing more than 20 data points to ensure they deliver the quality your case deserves.

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Why should I trust AMFS with my medical expert witness search?


AMFS has spent the last three decades cultivating the nation’s most comprehensive medical expert witness network. Our community is home to distinguished experts only available through AMFS’ expert witness service, a seasoned medical-legal team and Physician Medical Directors with more than three decades of experience each. It all adds up to the most trusted name in medical expert witnesses.

With a decision as crucial as choosing your medical expert witness, there’s no margin for error. A trusted partner for more than 20,000 attorneys, AMFS will connect you with the nation’s best-qualified medical expert witnesses, every time. Explore our client testimonials for a glimpse into why AMFS clients Trust Experience.

AMFS clients expect more from their medical expert witnesses—and get it. Let us prove it to you.


Is there an upfront fee for conducting a medical expert witness search with AMFS?

Unlike many expert witness companies, AMFS only bills you when you choose to retain a medical expert witness. We provide candidate CV reviews and case consultations free of cost to ensure you receive maximum value from your expert engagement.

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How are AMFS' Physician Medical Directors involved in my case?

With in-depth expertise in medicine and the medical legal field, our Physician Medical Directors are an essential resource for AMFS clients. When you choose AMFS for your medical expert witness search, your first step will be a consultation with one of our Physician Medical Directors. During the call, you will work together to identify the medical issues involved in your case and determine the appropriate medical specialists to be retained. You will also have the opportunity to explore potential defenses, counterclaims and cross-claims, all at no cost to you. If our Physician Medical Director determines your case doesn’t have legal merit, he will tell you so at this time.

Once you retain an AMFS medical expert witness, your Physician Medical Director is fully available to address questions and concerns regarding your case. When our clients provide feedback on the AMFS process, they often cite the expertise and involvement of our Physician Medical Directors as one of the most critical factors in their success.

Said one AMFS client, “I am a solo practitioner. My client had a situation dealing with surgical intervention of a relatively rare condition. The good folks at AFMS listened to my facts and my particular desire to not spend several thousand dollars to be told to NOT advance the case. Stephanie, presumably a nurse practitioner or legal nurse consultant (given her ability to speak medico-legal) got me to the medical director, Dr. Danzer (sic). These two spoke with me, addressed how the facts interplayed with the law, and broke out for me the circumstances under which the potential case would be reasonable to pursue. They spent 30 minutes with me going back and forth and enabled me to make a fully informed decision on how to proceed. I will use AMFS for every medico-legal consultation and/or medical malpractice matter I have for the remainder of my career.”

Meet our Physician Medical Directors and schedule your free case consultation.

What is the benefit of having a case manager?

Your case manager ensures you maximize the value of your medical expert witness engagement. AMFS case managers handle billing issues, execute scheduling such as court appearances and act as a liaison, as needed, between you and your expert witness. This frees your staff to focus on other tasks critical to your case. Our case managers also help you avoid procedural conflicts and ensure an effective working relationship with your expert throughout the life of your case.

Can I work directly with my expert?

Yes. But throughout the life of your expert engagement, your dedicated case manager will provide administrative and billing support so that you can focus on the details most crucial to constructing your case.

What happens if my expert witness and I have a billing issue?

As seasoned medical professionals and attorneys, our team understands the importance of containing costs associated with your medical expert witness engagement. To ensure you receive the most competitive pricing, we pre-negotiate your expert’s rate and require time estimates for each assigned task. Your case manager will review each time estimate with you and, in the rare case an estimate from your medical expert witness is inappropriate, will work to adjust it on your behalf. AMFS does share in a portion of the hourly rate you are charged for the expert’s work.

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Which types of experts does AMFS provide?

Over the last three decades, AMFS has cultivated the nation’s most comprehensive network of health care and medical expert witnesses. By focusing our energy on medical experts, we help attorneys pursuing medical malpractice and other cases secure medical experts in more than 212 medical specialty areas. There’s no specialty too rare and no case too tough.

Explore our list of medical expert specialties and request an expert today.